Clients Frequently Asked Questions

a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it
a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it

Car Answers

1) "NO! If your looking to compare pricing all they need to know is the score you give them"


1) does the dealer have to run credit before giving me a quote?

2) Is leasing worse than Purchasing?

2) "Leasing vs a purchase is a personal preference, leasing gives you a little more flexibility than a purchase does with the option to buy at lease end " see Videos on car buying here VIDEOS

3) Can I take a vehicle back if I don't like it?

3) Some places will allow you to bring a used vehicle back with-in 2-5 days please check the dealers policy before purchasing.

4) Can I negotiate the sticker price?

4) Yes ! you can negotiate pricing, however if you are negotiating be prepared to purchase and good credit will make negotiating much easier.

5) Does a dealer run my credit more than once?

5) Yes a dealer will send your credit to multiple lenders if your credit is poor to fair, and this will cause even more harm because multiple new hard inquiries stay on your credit report for two Years,