Client Referral Agreement

Adding some of these guys to your wallet is all ways a good thing!

Participants must be current or former clients to participate, all participants receiving $600.00 or more will be subject to Federal tax laws via 1099 NEC.

Client Referral Agreement and Details

1) Complete and sign the Client Referral agreement. Along with a w-9 down loadable below.

2) You’ll be assigned a link to your client lead form. (This form must be completed by you and submitted in order for a lead to qualify)

3) This lead is not yet a referral. (once they’ve decided to become a client, your lead becomes a converted referral and now qualifies for compensation)

4) Your compensated after the client has paid their initial account set up fee and their first month payment as agreed. (only 3 Start & stop clients are permitted within one year, this will result in a termination of your participation in the client referral program for the remainder of the year) * What's the meaning of a Start & Stop client? see below.

* A start & Stop Client is a client that's referred to CV3 Capital, by an affiliate partner for the purpose of collecting a referral fee and bonuses; and cancels their program under 3 months.

5) Our client referral program pays out $30.00 for each converted clients with no yearly or monthly limitations. Meaning you will receive $600.00 for 20 successful converted client referrals.

6) We also offer an end of year referral bonus up to $1,000.00 to the person with the highest referral total of the year.

(The Person with the highest number of converted referrals up to 19 referrals will receive $500.00 (a number of 10 referrals are needed to qualify) (If tied with one other person with up to 19 referrals the tie breaker will be the person with the least number of start & stop clients) If tied with multiple people with up to 19 referrals the $500.00 prize will be split evenly. (However, if a person has 20 or more converted referrals, they will receive $1000.00, and if tied with one other person with 20 or more converted referrals they'll each receive $500.00, if 3 or more are tied with 20 or more converted referrals, each person will receive a $300.00.

*We also give a prize to one of our lucky clients via a raffle each year, but if you were a sole winner of the $500.00 or $1000.00 prize your Referrals receive an added name in the year end drawing increasing their chances of winning.

Our client referral program is simple, once you’ve filled out and signed the referral agreement in this section, along with the W-9 you’ll qualify to receive compensation for each converted referral you’ve made, once they’ve become active participants; and have chosen to allow (ClearView Capital Consulting Grp) to assist and represent them on their credit repair journey. This program is only offered to our current and former clients because it allows them the opportunity to cover the cost of their own credit repair journey.

Our referral program from start to finish.

Client Referral Agreement

Print the attached W-9, fill in sections 1,2,5,6,7 Go to Part I and add your SS# or EIN if you're a company; then sign Part II Return to us via email and that's it.

W-9 Download

*All participants receiving $600.00 or more will be subject to Federal tax laws via 1099 NEC.