Business Affiliates

We offer an affiliate referral program that offers a $50.00 per Converted referral, and an end of year referral bonus, up to $1,000.00

We work hours, days, sometimes weeks with potential clients; so how does it feel to later find out they aren't qualified for the product or services we offer? Please Allow me to tell you!!! It's disheartening, and not just for you, but for the client as well; because they're still in need of your service. Most of us will simply move on to the next client and hope this time it'll be different, while crossing our fingers that they have the necessary credit needed; but what if you could refer the previous client before you move on to someone else? What if you can aid them on getting qualified so that when they're ready they will come back to you? What if you could track their progress? And what if you are compensated for each converted referral? You gain a client, a friend, and a referral source that trust and believes in you. A good sales rep understands that he or she must put on their best show 100% of the time to 100% of their clients and pointing them in the right direction is an added performance of your show.

* A start & Stop Client is a client that's referred to CV3 Capital, by an affiliate partner and the client cancels their program in under 3 months.

Business Affiliates

Affiliate Sign-Up Form

(The Affliliate with the highest number of converted referrals up to 19 referrals will receive $500.00 (a number of 10 converted referrals are needed to qualify) (If tied with one other person the tie breaker will be the person with the least number of start & stop clients) If tied 3 or more affiliates are tied with up to 19 converted referrals the $500.00 prize will be split evenly. (However, if a person leads the way and has 20 or more converted referrals, they will receive $1,000.00; if tied with one other person with 20 or more converted referrals they'll each receive $500.00, if 3 or more are tied with 20 or more converted referrals, each Affiliate will receive a $300.00.

*We also give a prize to one of our lucky clients via a raffle each year, (They must have participated as a client within the calendar year as well has completed 3 months of a credit program program) If you're the affiliate that is considered to be the a sole winner of the $500.00 or $1,000.00 prize your Referral receive an added name in the year end drawing increasing their odds of winning.

*All participants receiving $600.00 or more will be subject to Federal tax laws via 1099 NEC.

W-9 Download

Affiliates Agreement

Print the attached W-9, fill in sections 1,2,5,6,7 Go to Part I and add your SS# or EIN if you're a company; then sign Part II Return to us via email and that's it.

man writing on paperman writing on paper

*All participants receiving $600.00 or more will be subject to Federal tax laws via 1099 NEC.