Clients Frequently Asked Questions

a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it
a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it

Credit Answers

1) Charge-offs stay on your report for 7 years, they will continue reporting you making it difficult to increase your credit until it drops off.


2) Your Family isn't responsible for the debt you are so yes you must pay it as agreed and settle it with your family on your own?

3) Dealers will tell you that voluntarily turning in your vehicle isn't considered a repossession on your credit, however, it is.

4) No, you will not see a change in 30days no one can promise that because each credit bureau has 30 days in which to respond to each request made.

5) Yes, an authorize user can help increase your credit score.

1) If my debt says charged off, does it mean it's gone away.

2) This debt was created by a family member do I have to pay it?

3) I turned it in, is it still a repossession?

4) Will I have good credit in 30days?

5) Does authorized users help a credit score?