Clients Frequently Asked Questions

a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it
a woman holding a sign with a question mark on it

Mortgage Questions

1) The score that's used is the lowest mid score when purchasing a home so if a family member is on a loan with you the lowest score holds more weight.

2) No, you can't not purchase an investment property with a FHA loan unless it's a multi plex.

3) No, Medical bills do not count towards Debt-to-income ratio or DTI; however, it will have an adverse effect on your score.

4) Yes, self-employed individuals can purchase a home you can use all types of loans to do so as well as us how.

5) Yes, you can purchase a home with $0 Down using a VA or USDA loan. See more details Click ME


1) My credit isn't good; can I add a relative to my loan?

2) Can I use and FHA to invest in property?

3) Does medical bills count against my Debt to income, or DTI

4) I'm self employed can I buy a home.

5) Can I do a $0 down home loan?